Private chef, food blogger, lifestyle vlogger and serial creative. Meet the delight that is Megan Kate Swan.

Hello wonderful people,

We had the privilege of hosting the wonderful Megan Kate Swan for this week’s podcast. Megan is a pretty phenomenal human and we just loved chatting to her. We walked away feeling so encouraged and we know you will too!

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Megan is a private chef who cooks for some very fancy people both locally and internationally. She loves what she does and it’s infectious! She has such an amazing work ethic and all of her clients want to work with her over and over again. Even though she has cooked in some of the most incredible places on earth, she remains humble and hard working. We love this about her! Megan also has a food blog and lifestyle vlog. She’s always up to something wonderful.


(This is one of Megan’s incredible dishes; it’s a key lime pie that she made for clients in the Hamptons (as one does) Photo cred: Megan Kate Swan ) 

In this podcast Megan shares some of her journey as well as some pearls of wisdom for those of us pursuing the road less travelled. Take a listen here

Check out her amazing website/food blog here and can find her on social media: YouTubeInstagramFacebook and Twitter.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please do get in touch with us.

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