Shae Leigh. A Communicator and Story Teller who is turning heads with her talent.

Hello wonderful people,

We recently had the oh so sassy and talented Shae Leigh in The Stellar Effect studio (she even ratted us out regarding our use of a mattress in our studio…we all start somewhere though, right?!).


Shae Leigh is a copy writer with a passion for story telling and people. She recently started working at Red & Yellow School (if you haven’t heard of them…oh wait, everyone’s heard of them…but in case you haven’t, check out their website here) overseeing all things social media.


One of many amazing photos taken by Shae, follow her photography on Instagram here

Shae also has a love affair with beer and her brand HopsOn HopsOff is gaining an impressive following in the world of craft beer (follow HopsOn HopsOff on Instagram immediately over here).


For all things beer and wonderful, follow HopsOn HopsOff here

From writing to photography to developing content, Shae is really good at what she does and this hasn’t come over night. Take a listen to this podcast to hear her story and she also shares some real pearls of wisdom. Take a listen here.

Shae also really loves her cat, Hogsie. Just look at his little face.


Hogsie. Enough said. 

You can find Shae on Twitter here.

We’d love to hear from you, feel free to comment below.

Chat soon,

Jason and Carol

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