Alison Harris. A social entrepreneur using design, skateboards and mentorship to transform the world.

Hello wonderful people,

The Stellar Effect had the awesome privilege of having Cape Town based graphic designer, art director and social entrepreneur Alison Harris in our studio last week for an interview on our podcast series.

Alison is the embodiment of inspiration, energy and a giant heart. She is passionate about South Africa and about how the arts can be used to bring about social change and transformation.


Alison facilitating a Sk8 for Gr8 workshop with eager young designers 

Sk8 for Gr8 is Alison’s brainchild and is such a fantastic example of how the professionals in the creative community can be part of inspiring the next generation of young people. Sk8 for Gr8 is a progressive mentoring initiative that pairs up talented designers with children in need of the opportunity to broaden their mind-sets. Four workshops are hosted, in which the kids explore the processes of design: researching, brainstorming, creating and executing. The result is beautiful, child-inspired designs which are helping to begin knit a community together. But we won’t stop there, because we want to change the world. Take a look at their website here.


Earlier this year Alison was selected to be part of the RedRed Bull Amaphiko Academy aimed at supporting and developing social entrepreneurs. This is a huge achievement! You definitely want to keep an eye on this firecracker, she’s going places. 

Take a listen to the podcast here  and you can get in touch with Alison here

We’d love to hear from you, feel free to comment below!

Chat soon,

Jason & Carol




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