The Stellar Effect connects music with creative arts with heart

A hearty welcome to The Stellar Effect. We are so excited to finally be (officially) launching this venture. Let us introduce the team (there are just two of us at the moment…but ‘team’ sounds fancier, so we’re going with that).

Meet Jason Skippers, a music producer and drummer extraordinaire with a penchant for dad jokes and making amazing nachos and Carol Williams, a multi-instrumentalist and composer who also has a love for leopard print and fresh flowers.

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to write the music for an amazing project in collaboration with the film production company What Took You so Long? You can check it out by clicking here.

screen-shot-2017-07-13-at-10-22-50-am.pngThis was not the first time we had collaborated and the sheer crazy fun we had doing this project made us sit back and scratch our beards (Jason has a real one and Carol has a fake one that she likes to scratch when she is thinking) and ask the question most creative people ask at least once a day; ‘what if we did this more?’ And thus, The Stellar Effect was born.

How did we come up with our name and what exactly are we planning to do? Well, glad you asked. Here’s a little secret. We are big dreamers who love the idea of bringing heavenly inspiration (stellar) to this ol planet of ours through writing music, telling stories and creative collaborations.

We want to touch people and have an impact (effect). We see ourselves doing this by primarily writing music for documentaries, film and other creative projects, as well as providing the entire creative service from concept to completion.  Our emphasis is on listening and collaboration. We want to co-create projects with our clients, offering a high-quality service at reasonable prices.

We’ll also be running a regular blog and podcast series covering a variety of topics, so keep an eye out for these, as well as featuring our new projects and any exciting work that we have coming up.

Now, as many of you know, starting a new venture takes a lot of courage (if you are one of those people who is bursting with ideas but hasn’t had the guts to take the leap yet…our podcasts will be just the thing for you…see what we did there? Already trying to lure you back to our website, that’s what). Also we’d really like to hear your courageous story, so leave comment below or talk to us on our Facebook page.

This is where we need your help. If you are connected to anyone who you think could benefit from our services, then please do pass this on to them. Let’s face it, library music is so 2001.

Who are we looking to connect with?

  • Film producers and post production companies who would like to work with original music composed by an actual human.
  • People with sterling concepts and ideas who would like us to help develop these into stories or content.
  • Corporate Social Initiatives (CSI) departments or Public Benefit Organisations who would like to document the amazing work they are doing, with the soundtrack to tell their story.
  • Other creatives who would like to share their stories or inspiration on our blog or podcast series.

Looking forward to lots of wonderful connections.

Chat soon,

Jason and Carol

6 thoughts on “The Stellar Effect connects music with creative arts with heart

  1. Epochness (the beginning of a distinctive period in the history of anything)!!! well written, well put together, all done so darn WELL!!! cheers to a new chapter of creativeness birthed from heavenly inspiration (FAT EXCLAMATION MARK !!!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really love the heart and soul (!) behind this. Looking forward to following the journey and rejoicing in the impact that will echo. All the very best!


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